The economic impact

The cost benefits of a national assistive technology program

Why invest more in assistive technology?

Assistive technology allows those of us with a disability to take part in everyday life, stay working if we want to and remain independent. It benefits our communities, too. In 2018, the National Aged Care Alliance (NACA) found that investing more money in assistive technology would help to reduce health and aged care budgets. Providing people with disability with timely access to assistive technology would:

  • cut the need for visits to the doctor
  • cut the demand for home-care services
  • cut hospital admissions
  • delay entry to residential care.

Assistive technology also lowers the risk of a person with disability experiencing violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation. This is because:

  • they are less dependent on others – which lowers the likelihood of abuse and makes it easier report abuse or to take steps to leave
  • the right mobility and communication aids make it possible for people to report abuse if they need to 
  • the technology makes life easier for people close to the person with a disability.